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Interview Hagit Hamm – ERPiQ

Updated: Mar 8

1.       Q: Background info/ where did you study, what kind of companies have you worked for


I earned my degree in industrial engineering and management from the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa (Technion). Over time, I developed a specialisation in ERP software. Eventually, I co-founded ERPiQ with Nadav Schallinger, and we launched the business in 2020.


2.       Q: In 5 minutes, could you describe what ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is?


In the past, companies used fragmented IT systems for different departments, making communication challenging. In the 1980s, ERP software was developed to streamline data flows across the entire organisation, from customer resource management to accounting, marking the birth of ERP.


ERP is crucial for organisations as it provides easier access to data. For example, if a customer wants to buy an item online, the ERP system instantly indicates if it's available (in stock and production). This enables companies to adapt to new trends quickly and use data to make or save money.


In recent years, ERP systems have become quite large. Many companies have systems that are no longer suitable to their organisation, are difficult to run, or companies who are starting and want to understand ERP's benefits. This is where we come in.


3.       Q: What is the 5-year plan/ how do you see the future of the ERP companies in general


Priority is increasingly crucial and pivotal to organisations, offering numerous advantages. As a highly adaptable software, Priority can expand alongside companies, playing a crucial role in their success.


4.       Q: What are the biggest challenges in the industry and what is your strategy to overcome those challenges?


Priority Software, like most businesses, evolves rapidly. New versions are released every six months, incorporating new trends and addressing gaps. It's essential to stay updated with these changes. If we identify a gap in our knowledge or our clients' products, we address it ourselves.


5.       Q: What are the new trends in the market/industry or innovations?


ERPiQ prioritises customer needs, ensuring software implementation only when it enhances business processes. We proactively identify beneficial solutions, following software trends to support current and future customer success. Our adaptable, modular products cater to businesses of all sizes and sectors, from aerospace to medical device suppliers.


Hagit Hamm, Nadav Schallinger

6.       Q: Unique selling points of ERPiQ


We are a highly professional team dedicated to customer success, as their achievements are our own. We prioritise listening to our customers, fostering personal relationships, and pride ourselves on trustworthiness and service orientation.


7.       Q: What is your biggest success and is there anything in the ERP business you are looking forward to?


It's rewarding to witness the daily use and long-term satisfaction of products and solutions we've recommended at ERPiQ. Some clients have been using systems we implemented for them 15 years ago, and their continued happiness is our motivation.



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