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Interview Nadav Schallinger

Updated: Mar 19

1. Q: Could you tell us more about your background and how ERPiQ started?

I pursued a degree in industrial engineering and management, specialising in information systems, at the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa (Technion). In 2017, I obtained my MBA from Haifa University to enhance my business acumen. My journey with ERPiQ began when I met co-founder Hagit Hamm while working together in England. Our strong professional connection led us to co-found ERPiQ in 2020.

2.     Q: What do you think is the ERPiQ’s mission and vision?


ERPiQ was founded with a focus on providing customer service and leveraging our extensive experience in both the technical and business realms. Our primary goal is to enhance our clients' return on investment by optimising standard features of Priority to their business’ goals. Unlike some  IT-consultancy firms that often prioritize extensive  customizations , which can later lead to higher maintenance costs, we at ERPiQ believe in providing lean and agile solutions for faster and smoother implementation. Our one-stop-shop approach caters to all our clients' needs. The fact that word of mouth is our primary driver of customer growth indicates the effectiveness of our client-centric approach.


3.     Q: What is the 5-year plan/ how do you see the future of the ERP companies in general?


We aim to expand our customer base and deepen our expertise in specific verticals while maintaining our personalised client approach. In five years, we plan to continue our practice of implementing only products and value adding services as our customers need. The ERP market is expected to grow massively by 2030, given its importance as the backbone of many companies. Cloud ERP is also poised for expansion, particularly as our UK target market navigates a slight recession and seeks to avoid excessive IT insourcing costs.


4.     Q: What are the biggest challenges in the industry and what is your strategy to overcome those challenges?

Smaller businesses often face the challenge of transitioning to new systems with limited internal resources. Replacing ERP can be a significant challenge, but Priority offers a cost-effective and resource-saving solution. At ERPiQ, we've developed a data migration policy to reduce operational risks for our clients and ensure a smoother transition to Priority. Our Priority integration mechanism is ideal for large organisations with complex IT landscapes.


5.     Q: What are the new trends in the market/industry or innovations?


Firstly, cloud software has been a significant trend for some time now, and data is increasingly crucial for business growth. We leverage data flows to drive growth, using Priority as a central hub to consolidate all data. Our software empowers clients to make data-driven decisions, a key factor in our company's growth and the reason many clients have remained with us for an extended period.

The second most important trend is the need for automation. We aim to automate logistical and financial processes wherever possible, leading to less human errors, thus saving costs for our customers.


6.     Q: In 5 minutes, what would your pitch be to present ERPiQ to a potential new client?


ERPiQ is a boutique consultancy firm with a team of highly experienced IT professionals, each with a minimum of 6-7 years of software experience. Our consultants' expertise allows us to provide efficient and effective solutions, often achieving in one hour what might take another IT consultant half a day. We believe our personalised approach is key to our success, guiding our customers through the entire process, even after the go-live stage. Our systems are tailored to daily operations, and we can quickly scale up or down as needed, thanks to Priority's modular nature.


7.     Q: What is your biggest success and is there anything in the ERP business you are looking forward to?


It's incredibly satisfying that clients who went live 15 years ago are still using and happy with our product. This satisfaction is a key reason why our customers often return to us. Additionally, many new customers have found us through word-of-mouth recommendations from existing clients.


8.     Q: Tell us about the verticals ERPiQ is targeting / experienced with / the sweet spot vertical


We have extensive experience with e-commerce businesses that prioritise sustainable supply chains. Amongst our customers you can find many B-Corp certified organizations. We are also committed to environmental consciousness and are eager to work with more organisations that share a focus on sustainability. At ERPiQ, we maintain a lean organisation and strive to minimise our carbon footprint by working remotely whenever possible, reducing the need for frequent travel.


9.     Q: What kind of customers would you like to work for in the future?  


We are a globally-reaching company with a strong focus on sustainability. We recently collaborated with one of the world's largest cloud-based platforms, known for its highly scalable global platform. Our versatile Priority software was swiftly implemented and integrated, resulting in a satisfied customer. We are open to connecting existing customers with potential ones and are considering hosting interviews with our happy customers to attract new ones.


10.  Who is the ideal recruit? What sort of people are you looking for to employ?


We value seasoned individuals with strong interpersonal skills and an adaptable nature. We seek candidates who are process-oriented, structured thinkers, and possess a deep understanding of the client's business. Our approach is to view systems from the end-user's perspective, ensuring maximum user-friendliness. Our consultants are deeply involved in the onboarding process, ensuring tailored solutions that meet the client's needs. This personalised approach is a significant advantage of working with ERPiQ.


11.  Q: Life goals?


I enjoy playing guitar, spending quality time with my family, and embracing life's simple pleasures. I also have a passion for travel and enjoy hiking and cycling, especially in the UK.



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