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ERPiQ was founded in 2020 by Hagit Hamm and Nadav Schallinger, who have years of consultancy experience managing worldwide Priority ERP projects. The company’s head office is located in Hampshire, UK. ERPiQ collaborates with channel partners, independent software vendors (ISV), integrators, and consultants within Priority Software’s ecosystem in order to ensure that the best service is provided. ERPiQ successfully delivers Priority ERP implementations to a wide variety of businesses including manufacturers, traders, e-commerce, service providers, and project-oriented organisations. ERPiQ believes in a one stop shop approach; one point of contact for all inquiries and professional services. ERPiQ believes that the key for a successful implementation is a good understanding of the company’s business acumen. It is the window into the company’s day to day operations and challenges. Based on our experience seeing hundreds of businesses, we then suggest a benchmark that maximises the usage of the standard Priority system functionality and design the workflows to allow efficient communication and processing of your business’ work procedures.

Nadav Schallinger - MBA, MCP Holds a B.Sc. in Industrial engineering and Management from the Technion and an MBA from Haifa University. Also holds a Microsoft SQL DBA (MCP) certification.  Nadav has over 15 years of experience selling, implementing, and supporting Priority ERP projects. Among his previous roles, Nadav was a customer success manager overseeing more than 600 customers. His last role was as a localisation product manager working for Priority Software, where he was responsible for making Priority compatible/certified from a regulation and taxation point of view in designated countries.

Hagit Hamm - Holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering Management and B.Sc in Software Engineering from the Technion. Hagit has over 15 years of experience implementing and developing Priority ERP. During this period, Hagit has provided consultancy, training, and technical support services to her customers. Additionally Hagit has experience with implementing SAP R/3, Oracle applications and MES systems.



MTALX is an international trading company that specialises in non-ferrous metals, alloys, and plastic resins. Partnering with middle and long-term supply contracts for the metallurgical industry, MTALX manages their logistics and helps market development in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. MTALX provides their customers with in-depth product knowledge, reliable market information, and faultless execution of their commitments.

Wild Nutrition is an online web shop of healthy food supplements 

Wild Nutrition is responsible for introducing a ground breaking approach to supplements, combining vitamins and minerals with the power of whole foods. Stocked in stores including Planet Organic, Whole Foods, and Harrods, Wild Nutrition has grown rapidly, with a strong commitment to uncompromised quality and a current portfolio of over 40 products.

PlanetWatchers was created with the goal of introducing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to the commercial world. Operating in all weather and light conditions, SAR offers 100% visibility compared to traditional remote sensing methods. Planet Watchers predominantly focus on the crop insurance industry, streamlining and accelerating the process, with data being used by the industry to support insurance policy and validate claims data.

Spectrum Medical is an innovator of medical devices and technology. Spectrum Medical has strived to help clinicians in implementing clinical best practices through the use of their world leading light spectrum technology. Their innovations and new technologies, including non-invasive diagnostic technologies, Quantum Informatics, and Quantum Sterile, not only lead to greater patient safety, but also improved patient outcomes. Working with Priority since 2005, Spectrum Medical’s investment in new technologies, facilities, and a growing team makes possible the delivery of their services to clinicians and patients in over 60 countries.

PHOS is a multi-award winning British architectural lighting manufacturer. With over 14 patents worldwide, PHOS aims to create products that mirror natural light using technologies and biophilic design. PHOS is also committed to sustainability, with all products being procured, machined, and assembled in the UK.

Thrudark provides high performance outerwear inspired by the heritage of the United Kingdom Special Forces. Made with the highest quality fabrics, Thrudark offers apparel that can withstand a wide range of extreme climates. The heritage of Special Forces provides Thrudark with the experienced view of what is required to achieve high performance.

Cadisch Precision Meshes are a family owned and run company that supply woven, welded, perforated, and expanded meshes. With 130 years of experience as stockists and manufacturers, Cadisch Precision Meshes distribute worldwide, offering high quality products, excellent service, and fast delivery times.

Distributing chemicals, adhesives, paints, composites, sealants, and general consumables, Aerospheres serves the aviation and commercial airline maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Aerospheres offer over 14,000 products, helping stock and source hard-to-find products for their 800+ customers all over the world. offer a software platform to run business workflows, currently offering four different product types:

monday marketer: A complete marketing product that connects all aspects of marketing work.

monday sales CRM: The all-in-one CRM product that allows business owners and sales teams to manage all aspects of their sales cycle and customer data.

monday projects: A powerful project management product that provides one platform.

monday dev: A product built for software development teams to collaborate together. | A new way of working

Medical aesthetic devices and technology.

Venus Concept is using cutting edge technology to deliver safe, non-invasive and minimal invasive medical aesthetic systems. 

Venus Concept is a pioneer, the first and only subscription based business in the medical aesthetics industry. Offering safe, affordable, easy to use medical aesthetic systems with worldwide post-sale support. 

K2VIEW is a global software company specialising in data management, data mining, visualisation of data and utilising data across multiple databases.

“… Organise enterprise data into millions of Micro-Databases™, where each Micro-Database integrates all the data, across all source systems, for a specific business entity (individual customer, work order, supplier, credit card, etc.) …”

Nautilus designs offer office furniture: chairs, desks, storage, reception suits and more.
Nautilus’ lean operation allows them to provide cost efficient and quality service to their customers across the country, working with some of the most prominent market leaders in education and office equipment. Visit them on their web shop:

A wonderful family business in Newton Aycliffe manufacturing kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom units at a high quality design.

Using Priority ERP to manage sales, purchases, inventory and shop floor production, monitoring processes and utilising label printing and distribution functionalities.

Visit Trinity Kitchens on

Orb interiors is a Manchester based kitchen manufacturer, designing, manufacturing and delivering kitchen units for contractors, property developers and the general public.

Orb interiors is young, enthusiastic upbeat company quick and easy to adopt and embrace technology, utilising Priority ERP’s manufacturing module to plan and manage work in progress and streamlining shopfloor processes.

Aerospace reliance portray themselves as a reliable source for materials required to keep airplanes and airlines going with minimal downtime or delays. Stocking thousands of line items worldwide, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, supplying airlines top quality services at a competitive price.

Utilising Priority ERP right from starting the company is enabling and improving the company’s efficiency and reliability.

Ultimat frames is a fast growing business located in Wokingham, manufacturing a wide variety of frames and prints. From frames for fine art to your family picture frames, Ultimat produce high quality picture boxes, Canvas prints, glass prints and much more.

A picture tells a thousand words and Ultimat mount and frame artwork for artists all over the world, furnishing mansions, galleries, exhibitions and hotels with the highest quality of picture frames.

A happy Priority user for a decade.




Our support helpdesk is comprehensive, personal, and available on multiple platforms including our online ticketing system, email, and phone. Our representatives provide expertise and can assist on a variety of needs whether it be information provision, troubleshooting, or change in demands.



Using the REST API and WEB SDK technology, Priority can integrate with many ecommerce platforms.
We offer fixed priced integration to your online store. In addition, we have vast experience of integrating with many 3rd party solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs and automate processes.


Time to replace your old legacy system?
Has it been a while since you reviewed your existing workflows? We provide a full service implementation process, from initiation to Go Live. Additionally, we provide post-Go Live services, because it's never too late to increase the ROI of your system. These services will include a more advanced use of Priority's capabilities to increase your operational efficiency, data analysis and visualisation, and streamline business processes and workflows.

Mobile Apps

Utilise Priority ERP’s mobile app generator to quickly and easily deploy clever apps for a workforce on the move. Useful for:
- Field technicians reporting their timesheets and stock consumption, ordering more spare parts and uploading photos from the work site.
- Sales reps looking up contacts, updating data, reviewing price lists and raising quotes, including pictures of products.
- Reporting employee expenses, uploading receipts, and kicking off the authorisation process of expense claim.


Gaps and additional requirements can be addressed by customising the system to your own needs.

Our developers are well versed in the standard development kit (SDK) and all customisations are seamlessly upgradable.


We offer fully integrated customer and supplier web portals to view and update information on the ERP system, including e-commerce.


Data Base Administrator ensures that a database is working at maximum efficiency.
In time of need, a DBA puts together and executes a backup and disaster recovery plan.

A DBA also advises and helps with any database related issues, integrations, analysis, maintenance, and upgrades.


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